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Daphne Eden 2018_Ruth_20180217IMG_1987-edits
Carla Erika Astrid
2018_Laura_20180205-D_59 2018_Anessa_20180217IMG_1930 Oona
Kim Dorothy Agnes
Betty Claire Nancy
Diane Harriet Isobel
Greta Veronica Layne
Kate 2018_Sophia_20180225IMG_2290-edits 2018_Winifred_20180306IMG_2551-edits
Renate Jack
Renee Tig Agatha
2018_Valerie_20180217IMG_2063-edits 2018_Natalie_20180224IMG_2160-edits.jpg 2018_Katja_20180302IMG_2525-edits.jpg
Marcella 2018_MaryFrances_20180311IMG_2731-edits 2018_Eliza_20180311IMG_2867-web.jpg

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Lidded Bowls

2018_Alexandra_20180311IMG_2919-edits 2018_Lydia_20180311IMG_2681 placeholder

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Plates, Platters, & Serving Dishes

2018_Kade_IMG_135020180130-edits 2018_Wallis_20180211IMG_1827-web
2018_Svejna_20180302IMG_2513-edits.jpg 2018_Josephine_20180225IMG_2384-web.jpg

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Candle Holders

Clarimonde Kinkead Mrs. Patmore
2018_Joy_20180224IMG_2187-edits 2018_Irmina_20180301IMG_2426-edits.jpg 2018_Julie_20180225IMG_2259-edits.jpg
2018_Ilona_20180218IMG_2117-edits Polly Jean Peter
Mr. Mason

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Lloyd Meghan Annabelle

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Bottle Stoppers

Benjamin Cummings Alice
Steinbeck Argento Barbara
Baxter Blaine Branson
Adam Crawley Dan
Don Emmanuel Eugene Edgar
Evan Fiona Grant
Gunther Hendrick Hemingway
Jasper Jerry Higgins
Franklin John Loretta
Louie Melanie Maurice
Olive Professor Sebastian Oliver
Zebediah Woodrow Reginald

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Pencil Holders / Pen Cups

2018_Lucien_20180204img_1450-edits 2018_Rebecca_20180204IMG_1424-edits 2018_OBrien_20180204IMG_1476-edits
Leslie Adrienne William
Amber Floyd Wilson
Stonewall Howard Cedric

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Abigail Amisha Anne
Bartholomew Carter Charles
CoraLee D'Arcy Edwin
Erika Fitzpatrick Frances
Gavin Judah Iree
Isaac Julia Keturah
Langley Melissa-not-Mel Martin
Werner Rachel Victoria


2018_Lance_20180313IMG_2979-edits 2018_Kirk_20180315IMG_2995-edits 2018_MalloryK_20180315IMG_3004-edits.jpg
Vince Francois Sheila
Lin Collin Russell
Rick Bobby Tucker Aunt Myrtle
Boy George Jazzercise Billy Captain Party Pants
Brad Lieutenant Wanda Ms. Jackson
Roller Boogie Gary Todd Ms. Kitty Cocktail
Trish Ugly Fugly Trudy

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