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Tanya Faberson
Tanya Faberson

Welcome to Faberson’s Creekview Woodshop in Bourbon County, Kentucky! It’s a bit of a small shop, a very green shop (literally), and a fun shop where I like to spend my free time making things out of wood. While my more recent obsession has been woodturning, I also like to make all kinds of things from wood.

I earned my Ph.D. in archaeology at the University of Tennessee (go Vols!) and am a historical archaeologist by trade. I spend my work days excavating sites, analyzing artifacts, and writing up the findings of those excavations. Some of my projects have been very cool, others not so much, but I enjoy what I do and am lucky to have a fun job.

Me explaining a historic privy profile for a documentary film crew.

While I always have loved woodworking, I didn’t get actively into it until the last few years. My dad, Henry, was a carpenter by trade and a woodworker (as well as a cowboy and a world traveler with wild stories, but I’ll leave those for another time). He passed away in February 2016, after a 3-year battle with cancer, and my sister and I inherited his tools. While I miss my dad every day, working in the shop with some of his tools makes me feel like he’s not so far away.

Dad in one of the gardens outside his workshop.

I try to use mostly found and reclaimed wood and like to think that my love of nature is visible in my work as I seek to incorporate elements of the wood as I found it in each piece. The imperfect is perfect in my book, and I want those who view my work to be reminded that the bowl (or platter or pencil holder) in their hands once was part of a beautiful, living tree.

In my shop, I have several “helpers.” They’re a furry trio of troublemakers that mostly do things like inspect the shop to make sure squirrels didn’t invade while we were in the house or think that pile of woodchips and saw dust in the shade under a power tool would make an excellent bed.

The General asleep at his post.

If you enjoy my work, please check back occasionally as I’m always making and adding new items to my gallery and Etsy shop. You might also consider signing up for our email list to keep up with our latest news. Thanks for stopping by!

Creekview Woodshop donates a portion of every sale to Green Forests Work, a nonprofit dedicated to re-establishing healthy and productive forests on formerly mined lands in Appalachia.


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  1. This woman makes art out of wood! Her skill and the pieces that she turns out are so beautiful and so finely detailed! I can’t say enough about her artistry and eye for detail! Truly extraordinary!

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  2. I have been lucky enough to be a recipient of some of Tanya’s work. On the rare occasion I need to cork my wine, I use the beautiful wooden crafted wine corker she made in her shop. My wife and I also enjoy the chickadee bird house Tanya built us as a Christmas present. I am very much looking forward to buying my first wooden bowl as soon as they become available. Hurry up and start posting your pieces!


  3. Learning about your father and his love of nature really is meaningful to know, Tanya. Your work is based in love, as his was…what a legacy this is. Thank you for sharing that. Christmas 2017 was enhanced by giving some of your creations as gifts to friends and family in Nebraska and Arkansas. And I must admit I gifted myself as well!

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    1. Thank you, Dean! Working in the shop always makes me feel a bit like my dad is close by, and while I miss him greatly, he doesn’t feel as far away when I’m in there, if that doesn’t sound too crazy. I’m so pleased to hear everyone enjoyed their gifts, and Lori and I appreciate all of your support! It is awesome people like you that inspire me to keep trying new things and have fun while doing it 🙂


  4. Lori & Tanya thank you for directing me to your website. Both of you are very talented in your fields of endeavor & that will only grow through your perseverance to detail & love of your ideals to the future!!
    You are what will project to the generation that nothing is impossible if you really love your work & project it others!!
    God Bless

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    1. Thank you so much, Uncle Brian, that means a lot! We have a big art fair this weekend and several others planned for the year. It’s a lot of work, but we love it and are excited at all of the possibilities. I hope you and Aunt Pat are doing well. Please give her my hellos. I love you both! -Lori


    1. Yes, I can. It just depends on the condition of the wood. I don’t have a lot of space to store wood, and it would have to dry for a while before I could use it, but I would be more than happy to see what you’ve got and take some of it off your hands!


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